Headache in Back of Head: Best Treatment, Causes, and Care

Headache is a common thing that is often seen in every human body, but do you often experience back pain or headache? And when this pain increases, it causes a lot of pain in your neck and brain, so you should not be surprised if this happens.

Many people are very worried about this type of pain, they may wonder whether this pain is a symptom of some serious disease.

If you are using Doktertip.com then you will get the correct answer, our job is to provide accurate information to the people, so stay with us and keep reading today’s excellent article.

Headache "Image made by Interesting health tips - Using >> CANVA.COM"
Headache “Image made by Interesting health tips – Using >> CANVA.COM”

Why does the back of the head hurt?

There can be many reasons for headaches due to which you may feel pain in the back, and sometimes this pain can also occur in other parts of the body or it can arise in some special event.

As I have said, there can be many reasons for headache, and this pain helps a doctor to find out what is causing your headache, where it is occurring and what are its symptoms. And how to treat it.

Actually, this headache is a common disease and it generally lasts for some time only and it can happen due to some simple reasons, the treatment of which is very simple, it can be cured by eating a simple tablet or by taking some pain relief. Headache can also be cured by applying balm, but in some cases it can become serious.

Pain in the neck and back of the head

Headache “Image made by Interesting health tips – Using >> CANVA.COM”

: Pain occurs when the nerves running from the spinal cord to the skull become inflamed, this type of disease is most often seen in humans with migraine, a condition in which Sharp and severe excruciating pain starts from the neck and gradually starts moving towards the scalp.

Due to excessive pain, people start trying different types of home remedies for its treatment, many of which are wrong treatments, you are requested to consult a good doctor once for this type of disease and take the right medicine.

Apart from this, many other symptoms are also found in this type of headache, read about them in the list given below:

  • Pain behind your eyes
  • A sharp stabbing sensation that feels like an electric shock in your neck and the back of your head
  • sensitivity to light
  • Soft skull
  • Pain when moving neck

Poor posture

Another common cause of headache is the rigid position of the body, many times people start sleeping in such a way that they start getting more pressure in their body, especially due to more pressure in the neck, it becomes more stiff due to which the pain starts getting felt in the morning. And if it is not treated, the pain increases and gradually starts moving towards the scalp.

A simple treatment for this is to heat mustard oil and massage it well, or you can use a tablet like saridon.


Gas problem

Sometimes headache can also be caused due to gas in the body, often this problem occurs due to formation of gas in the stomach, for many people there is problem in digesting some food, and if the food is not digested properly, it turns into gas. Due to which headache starts.

This pain also starts from the neck, or due to blockage of gas in some body parts like hands, waist, etc., this problem is seen in those people who work while sitting in one place. Or those who have excess fat in their body, in such cases yoga should be done, yoga is the only treatment.

If you have the problem of gas then you should do exercise daily, this keeps your body fit and diseases like headache never occur, in today’s time many people only do this work in office daily and then at home from office.

They do not have that much time in between to devote time to their body, but there are some who wake up early in the morning and finish their daily routine before sunrise, in such a situation they have a lot of time.

Time is also saved and in free time, they do yoga, which also keeps the body good.

Low-pressure headache

Low spinal fluid pressure in the brain is the source of low-pressure headaches. This happens when spinal fluid starts leaking from the spinal cord. Another term for this is intracranial hypotension. This can happen on its own, after a spinal tap, or after another operation where fluid leaks from the spine and causes a headache.

Pain in the right side and back of the head

Headache “Image made by Interesting health tips – Using >> CANVA.COM”
  • Tension headache

Headache due to stress is also a common disease, as I said that in today’s time everyone is busy in improving their life and for this everyone concentrates only on their job, and headache due to excessive worrying is a problem. It is a simple problem.

This pain occurs in the right side of the back of the head, which is very mild, and this headache also includes stiffness of the scalp, although it does not bother that much, but this type of headache makes the person feel very irritable.

A simple solution to this type of headache is to give yourself some time off from all work, and go for a walk or find another way to live life and calm your mind.

Pain in left side and back of head

  • Migraine condition

A person suffering from migraine disorder may get headache at any time or place. Many people experience them at the back of the head or on the left side, although they can also be unilateral or side switching.

Migraine condition does not only cause headache, it can also cause other symptoms which we have listed below, please read them carefully:

  • Severe throbbing pain
  • Aura
  • Nausea
  • Vomit
  • Watering eyes
  • Light or sound sensitivity (which sounds alien)

The headaches resulting from migraine conditions may start on the left side, and then move to the back of the head around the temples.

Pain in the back of the head when lying down

Headache "Image made by Interesting health tips - Using >> CANVA.COM"
Headache “Image made by Interesting health tips – Using >> CANVA.COM”
  • Cluster headaches

Cluster headaches are extremely rare and extremely painful. This type of headache causes frequent throbbing attacks, and causes severe pain with a variety of symptoms, getting their name from the “cluster periods” in which they occur.

After the pain starts, it can last for weeks or months and include a variety of symptoms, such as pain in the back or sides of the head that gets worse when lying down, other symptoms that you need to pay attention to include: We have mentioned them in the list below, please know them also.

  • Burning pain
  • Feeling uneasy
  • Victim’s nausea
  • Excessive tearing
  • Blocked nose
  • Droopy eyelids that last for several days
  • Sensitivity to light and sound (which causes the sufferer to act strangely when exposed to light)

Headache due to lack of food

Many times people forget to eat food due to being busy, I know some of my friends who leave for office and due to lack of time, they forget to eat their morning meal.

In such a situation, our body remains hungry all night and due to excess pressure during the day, we start having headache. It is very simple to prevent this type of headache, take some time and eat good food, within few moments after eating food. Your headache will be cured.

How is pain in the back of the head treated?

Headache "Image made by Interesting health tips - Using >> CANVA.COM"
Headache “Image made by Interesting health tips – Using >> CANVA.COM”

There can be many types of headaches, and their treatment is also simple in most of the cases, sometimes it gets cured on its own, and in today’s time such instant medicines are also available whose consumption gives instant relief from headache, Over-the-counter pain relievers, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol).

If you have been having a headache for a long time and it is not going away, some medicines like extra-strength Tylenol can help in getting rid of it.

Note: You should keep in mind that a disease can have many causes and many symptoms, so any treatment is most effective when you know what is the cause of the disease and you can take medicine for it. Are taking.

If you do not know what is the cause of your headache then you should see a doctor. Do not fall into the trap of any well-meaning friend or family member as it may harm you.

When to see a health care professional

As we have said that there are some symptoms which are not cured by simple treatment, and in such a situation you should take it seriously, it would be right for you to see a good doctor.

Please read carefully below for the situations in which you should make an appointment with a health care professional:

  • You start getting new headaches that don’t go away even after a few days.
  • Your headache makes it difficult for you to do everyday tasks.
  • There is pain as well as discomfort in the area of your temple.
  • If your headache pattern changes in any way, let us know.

If you are experiencing an intense headache that you have never had before or if it is getting worse over time, you should schedule an appointment immediately.

If thinking about your condition becomes too painful, see the ER.

Some signs are pointing towards a serious situation. Seek emergency medical help if the headache is accompanied by any of the following symptoms:

Sudden personality changes, such as unexplained mood swings or excitement fever, stiff neck, disorientation and reduced attention to the point where you find it difficult to concentrate during conversations.

  1. Unusual changes in your mood or excitement level, as well as sudden changes in personality
  2. Slurred speech, weakness (including weakness on one side of the face), visual abnormalities, and numbness throughout the body.
  3. Severe headache after cranial trauma
  4. Rapid onset headache that doesn’t usually occur, especially if it wakes you up


How to get relief from headache in the back of the head?

The easiest way to get relief from any headache is to calm the mind and massage the painful area with hot oil, this is a very old method to get relief from headache in the back of the head.

Why does the back of my head hurt when I touch it?

This type of headache has many causes, most commonly migraines or problems related to your neck, spine or posture.

Back pain is a sign of which disease?

It is common to have pain in the waist due to headache, if you have the problem of gas then it can happen not only in the waist but also in other parts of the body.

How to deal with back headache

Any type of headache can be dealt with by proper diet and yoga/exercise, and today there are many instant medicines available which you can consume.


In this article, we have provided some special information about Headache and we hope that you liked it and you must have got a lot of new information, if you have any questions in your mind, then you can ask us by commenting. And if you like our article then share it with other people also, thanks Karman.

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