How much protein we need, Best way to know about protein

Protein plays an important role in our body, from the body’s energy sources to making various enzymes and hormones. Protein is needed for every job, so we have to know that How much protein we need for our body every day.

What food is high in protein? The Nutrition Source

How much protein we need
How much protein we need

Just as carbohydrate is a nutrient, a similar protein is also a nutrient, which the body needs in large quantities. When you eat foods that contain pro tein, such as fish, chicken, egg, etc, then after eating, the digestive system breaks down these pro teins into amino acids, which are essential in almost all parts of the body.

I have explained the different functions of some of the proteins, which are important for the body. read below.

Whey protein Best for nutrition:

How much protein we need
How much protein we need

Some amino acids can be produced by the body, but other proteins can only be obtained from food. Therefore, our body needs extra protein from the food, so that we eat and the protein function in the body can run even better.

Different Functions of Proteins

As a source of energy

Protein is an important source of energy for the body in addition to carbohydrates. As a carbohydrate model, pro-tein contains 4 calories per gram, while carbohydrate supplies more energy.

Our body first employs the energy source of carbohydrates, and prote-in is used when the body will really need it, for example, when you live 24 to 48 hours without eating food. because it is possible to happen, because in today’s time everyone is busy in their work, and in such a situation it is natural to forget to eat.

Therefore, being hungry for a long time the body is forced to use pro-tein energy.

Building and repairing body tissues

Protein is an element that plays a big role in building and strengthening almost every part of our body, for example, muscles and bones, heart, lungs, brain, skin, and hair. Not only this, but protein is also 100% responsible for maintaining and replacing the tissue in the body which is damaged.

If you ever get sick, then it is a protein that corrects that sickness.Under normal circumstances, the amount of protein needed to build and repair the body’s skin is the same every day, but there are many conditions in life that cause our body to need more pro-tein.

That is, when new skin develops in the body or when more protein starts to break down, then we will need more protein, and for this, we will have to eat even more good food, for example, pregnant women, from start to finish. Until delivery, a pregnant woman needs as much prote-in as possible.

Making antibodies

You all know that there are millions of diseases in our world, and some of those diseases are Get well without any medicine or treatment, it is possible because our body also has an antibody.

Meaning, the disease resistance powers of our body help in fighting bad diseases, but the question must have come in your mind that what is the role of protein in making antibodies.

So friends, when we fight with some diseases that we have never had before, our body spends all its time trying to understand the disease and tries to identify that disease.

Just as many processes are running simultaneously inside a computer, similarly our body also starts running like a special computer, and for this we need protein.

When you fall ill, your body produces some bacteria to fight against that disease, and some of those bacteria are stored in our body, so that if that disease starts to happen again in the future, then our body easily fights with them.

Producing enzymes and hormones

How much protein we need

An enzyme is a type of protein found in our cells. Enzymes are responsible for many biochemical reactions that occur in the body, for example, the enzyme is responsible for contracting muscles, destroying toxins, and digesting food.

Apart from enzymes, prot-ein also makes most of the hormones in our body. Hormones are those responsible for sending cells and regulating biological processes between cells, tissues, and organs. For example, you can take the hormone insulin, which sends signals and regulates the entry of sugars into the cells of the body.

In addition to the above functions, there are many other functions of protein that the body actually needs, for example balancing the pH and fluid content in the blood, storing the body’s nutritional reserves, and more. For our body.

How to support protein function

The protein of the body to work properly, Pro-tein intake should also be in the right quantity. Generally, we need 1.2-1.5g / /kg/day of prote-in. So if a person has a bodyweight of 50 kg, then he needs almost 60-75 grams of pro-tein per day.

But to make it easier, you can follow the pro-tein intake guidelines by age. Which I have described below.

Toddlers: 10 grams per day
School-age children (6-12 years): 19-34 grams per day
Boys: 52 grams per day
Teenage women: 46 grams per day
Adult male: 56 grams per day
Adult female: 46 grams per day

As I mentioned above. Some things can increase protin requirements. If you follow that, then pregnant or lactating women need to increase their intake of protein by 70 grams per day.

Recommended sources of protein

To consume a sufficient amount of protein, I suggest that you eat foods high in proten from both vegetable and animal sources.

Talking about animal protien, there are various types of seafood for you, such as lean chicken, eggs and lean beef, etc.

In the same way that other protein sources such as soybeans, peas, and dairy products such as cheese and yogurt can also be an option for you, you should eat these foods regularly, so that proteen functions work better. And also the amount of proten in the body should never decrease.

It is very important for the body to maintain the function of the protein, If this does not happen, different diseases can also occur, and some functions of the body can also stop, and humans can become thin.

As I said, the amount of proten is always to be maintained, and for that, you should eat enough, but it does not mean that you eat too much of the protein, because doing so can cause pro-tein side effects in the body.

Although I have given all the information through this article, if you still have any problem, such as a food allergy, then you must do your checkup in the hospital.

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