Top 5 Best Popular Bicycle Brands in India

India’s first bicycle was brought to our country by Baron Carl von Dries in the early 19th century. That vehicle brought bicycles from abroad for their leisure use, and from the 1960s on, the bicycle became popular among us Indians apart from abroad. And it has been used in India from the 1960s till now. The bicycle is a steerable machine with two wheels.

The bicycle is pedaled by the rider’s feet. Pedaling causes the bicycle to move forward. The wheels on a standard bicycle are slightly different from those on a normal bicycle because they are mounted inline on a metal frame.

The front and rear wheels are housed in rotating metal housings. The cyclist is holding the sandals on the bicycle and the right side or side of the horse from the handlebar attached to the metal pipe.

Then the cycle operator moves the cycle forward with the pedal located in the middle of the cycle. A bicycle is a steerable machine with two wheels. The bicycle is pedaled by the rider’s feet. Pedaling causes the bicycle to move forward.

The wheels of a standard bicycle are slightly different from those of a normal bicycle, as they are mounted inline on a metal frame.

The front and rear wheels are housed in a rotating metal housing. The cyclist is sitting on the sandal on the bicycle. and the right side or side of the horse from the handlebar attached to the metal pipe. Then the bicycle operator moves the bicycle forward, with the pedal located in the middle of the bicycle.

History of the first bicycle in India:

Best Popular Bicycle Brands
Best Popular Bicycle Brands

The first bicycle in India was seen by Baron Carl von Dries in the early 19th century, and the first bicycle was made with a wooden frame. In 1960, Pierre Mishkat and two others installed a mechanical clutch drive and pedals on the front wheel of this bicycle called the Velocipede. Yes, that bicycle has undergone many more changes later.

But the British brought bounty to India for their use. But later, apart from the British, Indian citizens started using that vehicle, and with the popularity of this bike, it became popular in many Indian families. Most of the men used that bicycle in their working lives.

And since that time, this cycling rule is still going on in India and will continue to do so. So today we are going to talk about the top 10 selected bicycle companies in India, as this cycle name bowl has been popular since the 1960s.

And we will find out the top 10 bicycle brands in India today through this article. So read this article carefully and increase your knowledge about Best Cycler.

And below are the top 5 brands in India. Read this article about it, learn about popular bicycle companies, increase your knowledge about bicycles, and choose the bicycle according to your choice. And below are the names of the brands, one by one.

The Top 5 Popular Bicycle Brands in India

  • Hero.
  • Atlas.
  • Firefox.
  • Montra.
  • Urban Terrain.

1. Hero (Bicycle)

Best Popular Bicycle Brands
Best Popular Bicycle Brands

The Hero Company bicycle was first established in 1956 in Punjab. And all kinds of bicycle production were also done in Punjab. And from Punjab, Hero Cycle became one of the most popular bicycle brands in the world.

And as this bike became popular, the demand for it also increased with time. And due to the increase in demand, Hero Company started exporting bicycles from Punjab to all countries.

Hero Bicycle Company produces 18490 bicycles every day. And Hero Company exported to more than 70 countries worldwide in 2016.

Hero Company is a trusted company in the world, and Hero Motors Company is popular for its ability to manufacture more than 7.5 million cycles every year.

One of the important reasons behind the popularity of a brand is the quality of that brand, and this brand, Hero, manufactures their bike with steel frames and makes the bike with various bike leader items, including caliper brakes.

If you are opening a reliable bike brand, then we can say the Hero Cycle brand can become the best choice for you.

Hero Cycle Company has some advantages.

  • The bike is very light.
  • Hero Company provides disc brakes for their bicycles.
  • The bikes from this Hero company are very budget-friendly.
  • Some disadvantages of Hero Company,
  • This hero company does not provide bottle guards on their bikes.
  • The company does not provide front- and rear-wheel mudguards on the
  • bicycles.
  • These mudguards you have to install separately on your bike are the worst
  • part of this hero company.

2. Atlas (Bicycle)

Best Popular Bicycle Brands

Atlas Cycles Company is a Haryana company. And earlier, the name of the,company was Atlas Cycle Limited, but later the name was changed to Atlas Cycle Industry, and since then it has become known as Cycle TK (ACIL).

The company was first seen in India in 1951. Since 1952, this company’s bicycles have slowly become popular in India.

And this brand is slowly making their company bigger. This company manufactures more than 150 bikes per day, and after manufacturing, they export those bikes to different countries.

The company has emerged as the second-largest bicycle company in India. And during this time, the company’s annual production capacity has reached more than 3.2 million. That brand is slowly becoming more and more popular in India.

The reason for its popularity is that this bicycle company makes bicycles for people of all age groups, and the durability of the bicycles is very good and long-lasting. Janki Das Kapoor started their journey as a car brand for Indians in

But later on, their thinking changed, and Janki Das Kapoor decided to establish a bicycle brand called Atlas in India. And Janki Das Kapur decided that this bicycle named Atlas would fulfill all the needs of the users. Through their bicycles. So if you think you are going to buy a good-quality bike, then you should give the bike company a chance.

Atlas Cycle Company has some advantages.

  • The weight of this bike is very light.
  • The bike is available at a very low price compared to other brands.
  • This category of bicycle is made of aluminum.
  • Some disadvantages of Atlas Company,
  • The Atlas brand does not offer any useful accessories with their bikes.
  • That bike is not available with gear.

3. Montra (Bicycle)

Best Popular Bicycle Brands
Best Popular Bicycle Brands

The Firefox company was first established in India in 2005. And since 2005, the company’s bicycles are still seen in India.

And this band has become the best option for India. That brand is a very popular brand. This bicycle band will soon take the top 10 bicycle companies in India.

Firefox launched the company’s bike in India in 2005. And since then, the company has become a daily commute for bicycle users.

This Firefox company was started by Shiv Indra Sim and Pradeep Malhotra, and two other three people started this bicycle company in India.

The reason this brand is popular in India is the modern design of this bicycle brand, which makes its brand look different from other bicycle brands. And this Firefox company makes bicycles for kids and adults alike.

That band makes the bike very durable and can be used for a long time. So it is said that the bicycle can be your best choice.

Firefox (cycle) Company has some advantages.

  • This bicycle brand provides a good-quality disc brake for their bicycle.
  • The band provides great gear for the bike, and the gear is mechanical and
  • Very fast-working.
  • And the bikes of this brand are made of alloy, and the whole frame of this
  • bike is made of alloy.
  • Some disadvantages of the Firefox (cycle) Company,
  • The Firefox brand does not provide rear-wheel mudguards for their bikes;
  • They have to be purchased separately.
  • The cycle brand has not provided any separate place to keep the water
  • bottle; this bottle also has to be bought separately.

4. Montera (Bicycle)

Another brand of TI is the Montera Band. Mon Tera Bicycle brand was established in 2021 in India.Bands like Hercules and BSA are associated with the IT Cycle Company.

And like all these brands, the Montera company also emphasizes modern style and comfort in their bicycles.

Montera Company Cycles is one of India’s first high-end cycle company bicycle brands. Montera bicycles were first designed in India. And this bicycle is completely our India design. This bike is made with a carbon frame, and better quality materials are used by this company to make their bikes.

This brand offers a comfortable and high-quality bike for kids aged 5 to 10 years. This is exactly why young kids love this company’s bicycles. And if you are thinking of buying a bike that will give you the feeling of riding a bike, then this Montera company bike is for you.

Montera (cycle) Company has some advantages.

  • This bicycle company manufactures the bicycle with a fat tire on its wheel.
  • So that this bike looks a little different.
  • These bicycles have five to six gears.
  • Some disadvantages of the Montera (cycle) Company,
  • And this bike is only available for kids aged 8 to 10 years.
  • The bicycle is very textile and a popular bicycle compared to other brands.

All the accessories on these bikes are of very good quality. Some information about the 5th bicycle brand.

5. Urban Terrain (Bicycle)

Best Popular Bicycle Brands
Best Popular Bicycle Brands

Urban Cycle Company presents a high-end quality bicycle market. Urban Cycle Company designs these bikes mainly for men, and this Urban Cycle Company bike is specially designed for men who do mountain biking. Basically, the bicycles of the Urban Company are made in white.

This urban company bike offers incredible all-round performance. The bicycles of that company design various bicycles for every age group. And this urban bike company provides suspensions, oil rims, and a good, high-quality brake on their bikes.

The suspension and configuration on the bike give your bike a nice smooth feel. A nice Muslim gives you a comfortable riding experience even on rough terrain. This bike is built with a high-quality steel frame so that it is durable and can withstand various challenges on different adventures.

That is why the bicycle is the best choice for you. And this bike is very reliable. Many of those bikes are popular in India. The Urban Terrain (Bicycle) Company has some advantages.

  • A bike is best for mountain riding.
  • The bike is the best for all their configurations, as per the price.
  • And these bikes are very budget-friendly.
  • Some disadvantages of the Urban Terrain (Bicycle) Company,
  • A little bit of instability is experienced while cycling.
  • And crutches can be seen in some noticeable parts of the bike. If the bicycle is properly inspected.


If you are planning to buy a bike from a good company for yourself, then you need to keep in mind the budget and other things. In this post, I have told you all about the five best brands of bicycles.

A question may be swirling in your mind about which band bicycle is the best option for you. To get the answer to this question, you can visit the website online or visit any store and buy the bike of your choice. To make this process easier, you can read our blog post on these top five cycle bands.


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