Typhus – Symptoms, Causes Best 3 Home Remedies

Typhus, also known as typhoid fever, is a type of fever disease caused by infection with Salmonella typhi salt bacteria. Generally, these bacteria spread through contaminated food and contaminated beverages.

Although typhus is an infectious disease, typhoid and typhus are different. Typhus is caused by infection with Rickettsia and Orientia bacteria transmitted through the bite of a flea or mite. And Tipes spreads through food or drink.

Typhoid disease is a serious disease that is highly contagious, and this disease is often seen in developing countries. Children are more at risk from this disease than adults because their immunity is lower.

However, it is a different matter that even adults can spread it to other people after coming in contact with the bacteria. Anyone suffering from this disease can pass the bacteria from his body through his stool or sometimes through his urine. Can broadcast.

Most people see improvement after about a week of taking antibiotics. Apart from this, there are also vaccinations to avoid this disease, which provide protection from diseases like typhus.

Causes of Typhus


The main cause of typhoid fever is infection with Salmonella typhi bacteria. These bacteria related to Salmonellosis disease are the root cause of infection in the digestive system which is more serious than typhus or any other disease.

This bacteria is spread through contaminated food or contaminated water, which can happen if you eat contaminated food or drink water that contains Salmonella typhi bacteria, or if you do not keep your hands clean and touch dirty hands. Anyone who comes in contact with his mouth in any way can also get this disease.

Therefore, you should always take care of cleanliness, and keep your house or the environment around you clean, by doing this you will also get fresh air and fresh water.

Typhus risk factors

There are several factors that can increase a person’s risk of developing typhus, which we have listed below. Please read carefully:

Low hygiene: As we have said earlier cleanliness is the easiest way to avoid any disease, you should also keep yourself clean and protect your children from dirt.

Teach your children to clean hands before eating, and do the same yourself, by doing this you and your family can avoid diseases like typhus.

Many farmers today use human feces to produce more vegetables, and that may include feces from an infected person; vegetables produced from that infected feces can also infect a person.

Contaminated Dairy Products: In today’s time, everyone wants more profit at less cost, hence many times things are ignored, and even in dairy, due to not cleaning the machines, bacteria take birth in it, and the material of that dairy gets destroyed. The risk of Typhus may also increase.

Dirty toilet: Many times it happens that we forget to clean our bathroom, and due to this the germs start increasing in number, which can result in any serious disease, Typhus is one of them.

Nowadays everyone is crazy, and a simple way to express love is to kiss, which is a common thing in today’s time, but having oral sex/kissing with a person who is infected with Salmonella Typhi bacteria can also cause Typhus. Is.

However, in today’s time, almost everyone is under the influence of drugs, and hence today’s young generation is not very successful, because excessive drug consumption weakens the immune system and can increase the risk of typhus.

Malnutrition or low body weight can also invite Typhus because the immunity of a weak body is low, and many diseases can make their place in the body of a weak person, the simple way to do this is to do yoga, which will increase your immunity. Increases.

Symptoms of Typhus


Generally, symptoms of typhus start appearing 1 to 3 weeks after infection. And these symptoms are very painful, Typhus symptoms also include high fever, diarrhea or constipation, headache and stomach pain, some people may also have trouble urinating, which may worsen in a few weeks.

If Typhus is treated in its initial stages, then you can get relief from this disease within 1 to 2 weeks, for this, you can take Typhus antibiotic treatment at home. If you do not get any relief even with home remedies, then in advanced stages you need hospital treatment.

We have explained the symptoms seen in the initial stages of typhus in the following list:

A mild fever begins and increases throughout the day, reaching 104 °F (40 °C).

  • Feeling extremely cold.
  • Unbearable headache.
  • Weakness and fatigue.
  • Muscle pain.
  • stomach pain.
  • Diarrhea or constipation.

Sufferers may also experience cough, loss of appetite, and sweating. After a few weeks, these symptoms may appear:

  1. Stomach pain.
  2. The stomach is very swollen.
  3. Infection caused by intestinal bacteria spreading throughout the body is called sepsis.
  4. In very severe cases, victims may experience the following symptoms:
  5. To be confused.
  6. Unable to pay attention to anything around you.
  7. Unable to react to the world around them.

This condition is dangerous and requires immediate medical treatment.

Home diagnosis of Typhus

There is a home remedy for every disease, and this remedy is also very beneficial, but as we have said that the home remedy is effective only for the first stage, so read below for prevention and know how to cure Typhus at home. Could.


1. Steam

One of the best home remedies for diseases like Typhus is to inhale the steam of various leaves, this method has been used for centuries and even today it is as effective as it was in earlier times.

For this, collect different types of leaves like “ Tulsi Leaves, Neem Leaves, Parijat, and Papaya Leaves ” and put them in water and boil them, then keep that water in front of your face and push yourself with a cloth, make sure that this steam does not come out of the cloth. should go.

After some time, you will find that your body is sweating profusely and you are getting more rest than before. These leaves are a type of medicine, the steam of which enters your body and kills the Typhus bacteria, and you will be free from this disease. Provides relief.

2. Use basil

Tulsi has been used as an antibiotic for centuries, and it is still used today to cure many diseases, and is also a very good medicine for diseases like Typhus.

First of all, add some basil leaves in boiled water and consume it 3 to 4 times a day, or you can take 4 to 5 basil leaves, add black pepper and some saffron pieces to it, and divide this mixture into 3 parts. And consume it after meals.

3. Consumption of banana

Bananas has been everyone’s favorite fruit since the time humans lived in the forests and even today it is used in many important purposes, like it is mandatory to use banana in any puja of Hindu religion, we have done a lot of research. After finding out that banana is also famous as a medicine.

Eating bananas can provide relief from diarrhea/cough, banana contains protein which is a soluble fiber, and it is very effective in the digestive system, the potassium present in it helps compensate the lack of electrolytes in the body, hence This is the best fruit to eat during Typhus.

Note: Apart from this, there are many such home remedies that can cure diseases like Typhus, but keep in mind that before doing any home remedy, get proper information about it, otherwise consult your doctor.

Typhus treatment

The best treatment for Typhus is to give antibiotic therapy in the hospital as it is the most effective. But many people live in such places where there is no hospital facility, in such a situation they can do home remedies or can also take the help of Ayurveda.

Hospital treatment

If a patient shows some serious symptoms of Typhus like vomiting, severe diarrhea or swelling in the stomach etc. then he should be immediately admitted to the hospital.

In the hospital, the patient will be given medicine and fluids directly into a vein through an IV, which will provide nutrition to the patient. And with this treatment, the symptoms of Typhus gradually start reducing in the patient’s body usually within 3 to 5 days.

Complications of typhus

Complications of typhus fever can include damage to the victim’s intestines and bleeding. Actually, due to this disease, the cells of the walls of the small intestine or large intestine in the patient’s body can die.

Due to which the contents inside the intestines leak out. And as a result, victims suffer from severe stomach pain, vomiting, etc. and may result in infections throughout the body.

Therefore, you should treat it immediately, and as you all know that everyone’s body is not the same, hence the symptoms of infection are not visible immediately in the body of some people, if you do not see any symptoms of Typhus continuously for a few days. If it is giving you then you should get tested for this life-threatening disease.

Typhus prevention

The best way to prevent Typhus disease is cleanliness, if the environment around you is not clean then you are at risk of Typhus, so please teach yourself and your family about cleanliness.

Children and elderly people are highly susceptible to this disease, hence you should prepare yourself against this disease, always eat good food, use healthy ingredients, do not eat dirty outside food and drink filtered water.

If the environment in your area is polluted then do yoga regularly and try to keep your environment clean, teach yourself as well as other people about how the environment around you can be kept clean.

To reduce infectious bacteria in the air, plant as many trees as possible, involve your friends and family members in this, the more cleanliness you have, the more you will be protected from diseases.


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In this article, I have shared some information about Typhus, and I hope you liked it and got enough information about Typhus disease, if you have any questions in your mind then you can ask me by commenting. Yes, for such health-related information follow DOKTERTIP.COM.

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